Student Sharing

Viktoria DOEME (Viktória Döme)

PhD in Public Policy Program

I am very grateful to the Division of Public Policy and my supervisor for giving me an opportunity to combine my knowledge in environmental sciences with public policy. Along the way, there have been ups and downs but looking back I have seen myself and my knowledge set grow extremely rapidly.

The core curriculum is designed in a way that it touches on various important areas of public policy, starting with foundations in public policy, through microeconomics, to quantitative and qualitative research methods. And you can easily tailor the courses to fit your interests. The Division is diverse and interdisciplinary, which requires thinking outside of the box when discussing public policies and challenges faced by various countries of the world.

I also value that there are many experts in the fields of sustainability and innovation policy at the Division because these fields have always been of great interest to me. I have had the chance to learn more about these fields and become a part of a very interesting and inspiring project. Generally, there are plenty of opportunities to work on exciting projects at the Division.