Prof. King Lau CHOW

PhD in Cell Biology, Baylor College of Medicine

Acting Dean of Students

Director of the Center for the Development of the Gifted and Talented
Program Director of BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Program
Program Director of MPhil/PhD in Individualized Interdisciplinary Program

Division of Life Science
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Division of Public Policy

Research Interest

Evolutionary genetics
Emerging technology regulation
Public health ethics
Science and interdisciplinary education policy


Prof. Chow, received his PhD in Cell Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. He was a Belfer Fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine before joining HKUST. His own research focuses on molecular genetics of body patterning, neural development, synthetic and evolutionary biology, and he runs a laboratory with diverse model organisms. He experimented extensive on various teaching pedagogy including exploratory project course, MOOC and extensive flipped classes, and was awarded the Science School Teaching Award and the Michael G. Gale Medal of distinguished teaching at HKUST. He also heads the Center for Development of the Gifted and Talented nurturing gifted students. Over the years, he has served as Associate Dean of Students, Academic Director of the Common Core Program, and is currently the Director of Interdisciplinary Programs Office overseeing the development of Environment, Sustainability, Public Policy, Technology Management, Risk Management and Business Intelligence.

Representative Publications

  • Wan, X., Zhou, Y., , Chan, C.M., Yang, H.N., Yeung, C. and Chow, K.L. (2018) SRD-1 is a chemoreceptor for nematode volatile female sex pheromone acting in male AWA neurons. EMBO Report (Accepted)
  • Lee, J.T.Y., Wang, K., Tsang, S.W.H. Chow, K.L. (2011) Comparative in vitro osteoinductivity study of CaP ceramics (HA, alpha-TCP, beta-TCP) using 10T1/2 cells with different controls and possible correlations with other systems. Journal of Biomaterials and Nano-Biotechnology 2:121-130
  • Wong, Y.F., Sheng, Q., Chung, J.W.L., Chan, J.K.F. and Chow, K.L. (2010) mab-31 functions at TGF-β signal-receiving cells for sensory ray patterning in C. elegans male tail development. BMC Developmental Biology Aug 5;10(1):82
  • Wong, Y.F., Ko, F.C.F., Cheah, K.S.E. and Chow, K.L. (2007) crm-1 facilitates BMP signaling to control the body size in C. elegansDevelopmental Biology 311:95-105
  • Chasnov, J.R., So, Q.W.K., Chan, G.C.M. and Chow, K.L. (2007) The species-, sex-, and stage-specificity of a Caenorhabditis sex pheromone. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 104: 6730-6735