Dr. Renu SINGH

PhD in Government, Georgetown University

Research Assistant Professor, Division of Public Policy
Junior Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study


Science policy
Public health
Comparative politics


Prof Renu SINGH is a Research Assistant Professor at the Division of Public Policy and a Junior Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study. Previously, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the O’Neill Institute of National and Global Health Law at Georgetown Law. Her research interests include the relationship between political institutions, public opinion, and policy change in the context of public health and health policy. As a political scientist and microbiologist by training, she aims to bridge the worlds of science and policy through her research on comparative social policy, global health security, and the political economy of health. Prof Singh's interest is inspired by her time working as a Fulbright Fellow at the Hertie School in Berlin, as a DAAD Scholar for the Helmholtz Zentrum and the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy in Munich, for the Environmental Investment Organization and LSE Enterprise in London, and for Senator Edward M. Kennedy in D.C.
She received PhD and MA in Political Science from the Department of Government at Georgetown and had an MS in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a BA in Political Science and BS in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


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Kavanagh, M. and Singh, R., 2020. Democracy, Capacity, and Coercion in Pandemic Response: COVID-19 in Comparative Political Perspective, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.