Dr. Hyunhong CHOI

PhD in Engineering, Seoul National University

Research Assistant Professor, Division of Public Policy


Technology Management and Innovation Systems
Demand Forecasting & Economic Valuation of New Technologies
Consumer Behavior Analysis
Science and Technology Policy
Energy and Environmental Policy
Data-driven Policy Design


Prof. Hyunhong CHOI is a Research Assistant Professor at the Division of Public Policy. Prior to joining HKUST, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Engineering Research at Seoul National University. At the intersection of social science and data science, his research primarily focused on analyzing the economic and environmental consequences of energy and environmental policy and science and technology policy, with a particular interest in the diffusion of technological innovations. By considering both technological and non-technological factors on new technology adoption, he aims to provide practical and actionable policy implications for real-world decision-makers. He received his PhD and M.S. in Engineering from the Technology Management, Economics, and Policy (TEMEP) Program at Seoul National University, and a B.S. in Information Systems from Hanyang University.


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