MPhil/PhD Students

Miss Viktoria DOEME (Viktória Döme)

Program: PhD Candidate in Public Policy


I am a young and enthusiastic public policy research postgraduate student specializing in energy policy. I am particularly devoted to working on renewable energy policy and innovation in a hope that our highly developed society is capable of finding solutions that will work for our economy, society but also the environment.

During my PhD studies, I have investigated the factors that lead decision makers to adopt renewable energy policies across the world. Currently, I have also been exploring innovative policy tools that countries use to transition to a low-carbon economy, with a specific focus on small countries and Central European countries.

I am also a member of a Central and Eastern European energy network where I go to discuss current issues that countries from this area are facing in terms of clean energy transition, innovation, and economic development.


Renewable energy technology innovation: Why do governments use different policies?


Renewable energy policy and innovation
Policy diffusion and adoption
Central European countries