MPhil/PhD Students

Ms Christian Joy Pattawi CRUZ

Program: PhD Student in Public Policy


I am a demographer by training, and I have an extensive work experience conducting social surveys. My research experience in the last ten years is not only focused on demographic processes like fertility, mortality and migration, but also on other social issues like aging, and social and health inequalities among gender and sexual minorities.

I have completed my Master in Business Administration and Master of Arts (Demography) degrees from the University of the Philippines. As a researcher at the UP Population Institute, I was involved in various capacities in the conduct of large scale surveys in the Philippines covering various themes including fertility and sexuality, migration, health, and aging. I am a member of the core team that implemented the Philippine National Migration Survey and the Longitudinal Study of Aging and Health in the Philippines in 2018.

I am currently assisting in the pilot study of the Generations and Gender Survey in Hong Kong under the Hong Kong University of Science Technology (HKUST) Center for Aging Science. I am also affiliated with the HKUST Population Laboratory


Social surveys
Social and health inequalities
Social Policy


Cruz, C.J.P., Ganly, R., Li, Z., and Gietel-Basten, S. (2020). Exploring the young demographic profile of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong: Evidence from migration and travel history data. PLOS ONE, 15(6): e0235306. Link


Cruz, G.T., Cruz, C.J.P. and Saito, Y. (eds.) (2019). Ageing and Health in the Philippines. Jakarta: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA). Link (author or co-author of several chapters)


Cruz, C.J.P., Salas, J.M.I. and Cruz, G.T. (2018). Fertility Preferences in the Philippines. In Basten, S., Casterline, J. and Choe, M. (Eds.). Family Demography in Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Fertility Preferences. United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing. Link