Client-based Policy Analysis Project

The Policy Analysis Project/Exercise (PAE) is the capstone module of our two-year MPP program. It aims to provide students with a valuable, engaging, educational and professional experience.

It is an eight-month long project which the second-year students work in teams of three to five people, each team under the supervision of a faculty member, on challenges, issues and problems facing real-world organizations. It is indeed a client-based project. Students will have opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt from the MPP program to analyse policy issues, develop solutions and produce professional reports for the client organizations.

Theme for PAE 2020/21
  • The World After the Pandemic

    To help students frame and conceptualize their PAE projects, this year’s PAE will have an overarching theme of “The World After the Pandemic”.

    Students are encouraged to study industries, institutions and policies that would be transformed or disrupted by the pandemic and/or frame their PAE projects in terms of why it is important and /what is likely to change as a result of the pandemic.

    Students are free to pursue topics not closely related to the pandemic, but they should keep the pandemic as a lens by which to analyse problems, develop options, and identify and assess possible solutions.

About PAE Client
  • Prospective Clients

    The ideal PAE client is one whose actions and decisions have a real impact on public policy, who understands the purpose of the PAE, and who is willing to provide mentorship, advice, other forms of assistance (e.g. time, access to people, information) for the project. It is also important that the client has a reasonably clear understanding of what he or she wants. On the other hand, what the PAE teams bring to the clients is independence. The estimated time involvement PAE team would ask of the client is 6 – 8 hours over 8 months of the PAE.

    For details of PAE, please right click here. 

    If you would like to be our PAE client, please email us via your proposed topic(s) and/or provide a contact point in your organisation.

  • Past Clients

    There was a good mix of clients from the public and also private sectors, including Arthur D. LittleAsian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Centennial Asia AdvisorsEnvironmental Protection Department (HKSAR), Ernst & Young (EY), HitachiMana Impact InvestmentPhilip Morris International (PMI), Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (HKSAR), Provenance.ioPricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

Featured PAE Topics

The output of PAE is to produce a report which analyses a policy problem or challenge that the PAE client has identified. The following topics are some of the areas explored by the students:

1. Research on Regulation of Heat-Not-Burn Products in Hong Kong

Client: Philip Morris International (PMI)
Students: Cao Yan, Chan Lok Hang Phoebe, Chen Xifang, Liang Jingyi and Yan Mengqi
Full Report

2. Risks of Belt and Road Initiative Projects in ASEAN

Client: Centennial Asia Advisors
Students: Chen Kejun, Hu Wenjuan, Huang Zhiying, Liu Mengyi and Zhu Yueying
Full Report

3. An Analysis of Medical Cooperation in the Greater Bay Area

Client: Arthur D. Little
Students: Cheng Sheng, Gao Gefei, Huang Yuhong, Li Wei, Mu Danying and Wang Ziyi
Full Report

4. Promoting Elderly Care with a Community-based Cloud Platform under the Smart City Scheme in Hong Kong

Client: Hitachi Innovation Center (Hitachi Vantara)
Students: Liu Tinyau, Lyu Jing, Wen Tingyun, Zhao Ziming, ZHU Jiamin
Full Report