Phoebe CHAN (MPP class of 2020)

Student Sharing

  • Phoebe CHAN

    Phoebe CHAN (MPP class of 2020)

    BBA in Marketing (2018) 
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    “This program equips us with technical skills to handle data and information, and sharpens our ability to think critically and in all perspectives. We are also given opportunities to practise learnt skills in real-life cases, to prepare us for our future career in governance, consultancy and policy making.”

  • Will LI

    Will LI (MPP class of 2020)

    B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering (2018)
    Shangi Jiao Tong University

    “This program has provided me a new perspective to understand economic development and cultural diversity, and helped me to enhance my analytical skills through case studies. I believe that MPP Program is a great t for engineering students who would like to broaden career options by expanding their academic background and improving their problem-solving skills.”


  • Xian ZHANG

    Xian ZHANG (MPP class of 2020)

    Bachelor of Management in E-commerce (2012)
    Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

    “To make a career change, pursuing a Master’s degree is an efcient way to equip me with necessary knowledge and skills. The knowledge and skills that I have gained in MPP so far, ranging from policy to economics and quantitative analysis, have cultivated my critical thinking, strategic and analytical capability!”

  • Guoxian PENG

    Guoxian PENG (MPP class of 2020)

    BSc in Business Management
    University of Birmingham

    “MPP has triained me into an excellent thinker. The classmates are equipped with different bachelor degrees and they are very talented. It’s great to experience a beautiful mix of culture in class and learn from the ideas from all around the world!”

  • Rachel WEI

    Rachel WEI (MPP class of 2020)

    Bachelor of Management in Auditing (2018)
    Nanjing Audit University

    “HKUST MPP is a perfect platform for me to attend professional courses, participate in fruitful discussions, and be inspired. In class, the professors encourage dicussions and presentations, and you can learn from classmates coming from different background.”

  • Cindy XU

    Cindy Xu (MPP class of 2020)

    Bachelor of Science in Management (2018)
    London School of Economics and Political Science

    “Combining various social science subjects, MPP comprises of astonishingly comprehensive and well-structured knowledge for analysing real-world problems. Another impressive feature of MPP is that course materials are deeply embodied in world-wide current affairs!”