Tuition Fees & Scholarships

HK$240,000: This includes two years of full-time enrollment (for 48 credits total).

Payment schedule for 2019-2020 intake

Installment Deadline Amount (HK$)
Non-refundable deposit To be paid upon offer is made $30,000
1st installment To be paid in Aug/Sep 2019 $30,000
2nd installment To be paid in Jan/Feb 2020 $60,000
3rd installment To be paid in Aug/Sep 2020 $60,000
4th installment To be paid in Jan/Feb 2021 $60,000

The nominal program fee only covers 48 credits of course study. Students are required to pay HK$7,000 per credit for additional course(s) taken beyond the nominal 48-credit requirement and HK$7,000 per credit for auditing course(s).


The Division of Public Policy is committed to supporting students in pursuit of academic excellence and who demonstrate outstanding achievement through contributions to the community, leadership and progressive social change.

Subject to funding availability, scholarships may be given to selected awardees based on academic and professional excellence. Scholarships are granted to selected students in the form of tuition reduction.