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An Insights into Sino-US Trade War under COVID-19

ECON Head/SOSC Chair/PPOL Professor Prof. Albert PARK’s insights were quoted in an article about the Sino-US trade war, saying the relationship between China and the US will almost certainly deteriorate regardless of who wins the US presidential election later this year. He added that given the current economic crisis brought by COVID-19, the US may choose to de-escalate the trade war for short-term economic considerations, though the US is likely to continually blame China due to political reasons.



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Beyond the pandemic: what we have learned, and have still to learn – A roundtable of Singaporean social scientists

IPP Senior Lecturer Prof. Donald LOW was among the speakers of a webinar hosted by Academia.SG on the "COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath". He said the crisis has highlighted that we live in an increasingly globalized economy and society, however, we have not yet developed global shared norms or cooperative institutions to ensure sustainable use of our the world's resources.