Internship Opportunities

Students with little or no prior working experience are strongly encouraged to strengthen their career preparedness and broaden their placement opportunities by taking up an optional internship during the summer between the first and second year of study. We aim at preparing students to market themselves to internship opportunities. Various training programs are avaliable, such as career development workshops for job searching strategies and self-exploration based on every student’s unique strengths and values. Our communication tutors are also here to equip students with power resume and cover letter writing skills and develop business and networking skills through individual or group consultations and tutorials.


Besides, our students can pursue various internship opportunities that are regularly advertized by the Division, the university Career Center and Career Fairs. The HKUST Career Center helps students to explore, plan and prepare for part-time or graduate employment. The Career Center provides students with resources, services, programs and assistance along the way. Please visit HERE for more details.


Typically structured as ten weeks of full-time work in government agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector entities, such internships help students clarify their career direction, assist them to gain practical and professional experience, and enable them to establish a professional network. Organizations which had offered internships to our students in the past include but not limited to Agricultural Bank of China, EY, KPMG, Our Hong Kong Foundation, PwC, Tencent, The Young Entrepreneurs Development Council Ltd., Tianda Institute and Upper Fusion Co. Ltd., etc.