Dual Degree Program (Optional)

[The Dual Degree Program is currently suspended until further notice.]

We offer the option of dual degree program under which qualified MPP students will have the opportunity to spend a year studying at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, the University of Washington, and earn both the Master of Public Policy (MPP) from HKUST and the Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA) from the University of Washington at the end of the two years. Students in the dual degree program must be admitted to both programs at the start of their study, and they will pay the tuition fees to HKUST or University of Washington separately for the year that they study there. 


For details with regard to admission requirements for GMPA program the University of Washington, the study pattern of the dual degree program, and tuition fees at the University of Washington, please visit HERE


For details of Graduate School English Language Proficiency Requirements in the University of Washington, please visit HERE.