MPhill in Public Policy

Curriculum for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Program in Public Policy

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) program aims to train students in original research in public policy, and to cultivate independent, interdisciplinary and innovative thinking that is essential for a successful research career in public policy research and formulation.

Program Requirements:

At least 12 credits of coursework, including:

  1. 9 credits from the Core Course List; and
  2. 3 credits from the Elective Course List or other postgraduate course(s) approved by the supervisor and the PG Coordinator.

Subject to approval of the PG Coordinator, students who have taken the HKUST MPhil program in Public Policy will be granted full recognition of credit transfer to the PhD in Public Policy program. Students admitted to the program with a relevant master’s degree may be granted credit transfer on a case-by-case basis. In such case, the maximum number of credits transferrable is 6.

Core Course List:
PPOL 5110 Foundation in Public Policy
PPOL 5120 Research Methods in Public Policy
PPOL 5130  Microeconomics and Public Policy
Elective Course List:
ECON 5280 Applied Econometrics
ECON 5370 Using Data for Economics Analysis
ENVR 5250 Environmental Economics and Management
ENVR 5260 Environmental Policy and Management
ENVR 5290 Climate Change: Science, Policy and Management
ENVR 6060 Sustainability Economics
MGCS 5022 Political Economy of China
MGCS 5023 China's Innovation System: Domestic and International Dimensions
SOSC 5110 Social Science Research Design and Methods
SOSC 5170 Systematic Methods in Qualitative Research
SOSC 5340 Quantitative Analysis in Social Science
SOSC 5700 Categorical Data Analysis
SOSC 5720 Economic Development in China
SOSC 5740 Empirical Analysis in China Studies
SSMA 5050 Economic Transformations in Post-Mao China
SSMA 5140 Innovation and Society
Other Program Requirements
  1. Completion of and passing IDPO 6770 Professional Development for Interdisciplinary Programs (1-credit). Part-time students may be exempted from a maximum of 50% of mini-workshops of IDPO 6770, subject to prior approval of the PG Coordinator of IPP. The 1 credit earned from IDPO 6770 cannot be counted toward the credit requirements.
  2. Completion of and passing LANG 5080 English Seminar and Presentation Skills, and LANG 5081 Research Writing Skills. The 6 credits earned from LANG 5080 and LANG 5081 cannot be counted toward the credit requirements. Students can be exempted from taking LANG 5080 and/or LANG 5081 with the approval of the supervisor and the PG Coordinator.
  3. Additional coursework may be required as a part of the research preparation. Students are also required to register in PPOL 6990 (MPhil Thesis Research) and complete a thesis under the supervision of a faculty assigned by IPP, and subsequently, present and defend the thesis to the Thesis Examination Committee. They are expected to work closely with their supervisor(s) on an informal rather than formal classroom basis.